[13] Finals, more finals, birthdays and drama.

School is finally over and finals are now a thing of the past. Everything is good in my life --kinda, but I might talk about it later in this post. I don't really know, I'm still deciding. Its kind of a stupid thing that has effected me...

Anyways my school has this really pretty grassy area and my fiends and I always joke about how its going to be destroyed because my school never wastes space (they aren't really going to destroy it).

I had to wait for my parents to pick me up after my last final and it was so creepy being outside at school after dark.

Four years ago, I stopped watching Tsubasa, but I had all of the books but one. So I decided to finish my collection but it was so hard to find a cheap new one. I was looking around and the cheapest I found was $23 but the most expensive was $2,000. $2,000 for a 250 page book. INSANE. Luckily one day I was looking around and I found one for $19.

It was my birthday on Sunday.

One day my cat just fell asleep and I thought it was one of the cutest poses ever. She just passed out and didn't move for an hour or two. So I took my chance and got a picture.

So you guys can skip this if you want. Its my little rant of whats been bothering me. You might have noticed my love for EXO and if your currently in the EXO fandom, you should know whats going on. As I like to call it: The Kris Situation. Its really bothering me because I've been a huge fan of EXO since the teaser era. I will never blame Kris or call him selfish nor will I ever hold anything against the members but just the thought of having a member leave is really depressing.

There are people saying that hes just fixing his contract or whatever. But still, its insanely depressing and I could never imagine EXO without Kris. At some points I hope he fixes his contract and stays with EXO but at the same time when Kris left for that month and came back a lot of the members ignored him. I'm afraid that its going to happen again so I'd rather have him leave and be happy rather than stay and have his members be mean to him (I'm not saying that the other members of EXO are terrible. In fact my ultimate bias is Lu Han and Sehun is a close second). Either way, I wish him the best!